keskiviikko, 18. maaliskuu 2009

CUS = See You Suckers

So this is it. Good bye vuodatus. I had nice time here but since you're so annoying and I can't get even language changed I abandon you. I change maybe to more worse page but at least there's more opportunities there. So everyone follow me to:

perjantai, 13. maaliskuu 2009

I'm still alive

I'm now making update about my trip to Germany. It's going to take while 'cause so much happened there. =D Be patient everyone. Meanwhile you can look this video:

keskiviikko, 11. helmikuu 2009

Du bist zu Fett!


This was suposed to be something great and made with lots of effort but I got bored of looking my own fat ass. I tryed to be realistic but I think this flatters me still. I have now this kind of season in my life, hard to understand how on earth I have a boyfriend who loves me? And of course it helps to listen this song all the time:

torstai, 5. helmikuu 2009

Germans of my life


:o~ Ah... What would we all do if Germany wouldn't exist? O___O I would personally die (recently I've been dying a lot... >___>) but anyway, last but not least, the one German who is most important to me:

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DDDDDDDD: My eyes! They burn!! Bleaaaah... Okay, I know, I'm very funny. :P But now for real, most important German of all (and me :D):

We are so beautiful... :') Ah... so interesting update, I'm little bored and uninterested to do schoolworks now 'cause I'm so depressed and angry 'cause I couldn't book flights myself with my electron. I'm trying to go to Germany at 27.2. :DDDD Yay! I will again die out of happiness. <3

[edit]Logos and pictures are not in any order so everyone can play game and try to find matching logo and band among others. :D

Also, now I have plane tickets but now I have problems with buss tickets. @___@ My head is seriously exploding soon. I will go home and in bed soon and stay there whole day. Raah! Maybe next time when I travel things will be easyer...[/edit]

torstai, 29. tammikuu 2009

Ice-cream for snowman's!



Omg... This is so fast made that I weren't sure should I show this to anyone. >___> I haven't done anything for while so here's at least something new to look. I will try to make something more fancy later. <3 And btw, ice-cream is good no matter what season it's. And at winter it doesn't melt so fast. =D